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KARE Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat - Be one with Nature's beauty

KARE has evolved through the inspired vision of Dr. Prakash Kalmadi, a practitioner of Western medicine for over three decades. KARE is a unique blend of Traditional Kerala Therapies, Iyengar Medical Yoga and Ayurvedic Diet for one’s optimum well being. This is aided by a highly qualified team of doctors, therapists, nutritionists and paramedics to ensure best treatments.

Set atop a hill, KARE overlooks the quiet waters of the Mulshi Lake against a backdrop of flowers and verdant green. Landscaped gardens and lawns, Rippling brooks that create the music of gentle water flowing by , A world of timeless beauty. Truly, at KARE you are one with nature’s beauty.

KARE is the place one needs to be. Welcome !

What people say about us?

  • Sonya & Alan

    We really enjoyed our visit to your Yoga Health Retreat. The staff are absolutely amazing, efficient and very friendly. We feel very relaxed and healthy which makes heading back to work a lot easier. ... read more

  • Mallika Sarabhai

    Activist and Indian Classical Dancer - "The KARE experience has been very special. The quality of the doctors and therapists is excellent, the rooms... read more

  • Priya Mani - Dubai

    "KARE has changed my life in such a short time! I came to KARE in desperation. Apart from being in constant pain, (back, knees, ankles) due to my excess weight, just 1 day prior to my arrival in Mulshi, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and had been warned by my doctor (in a very grave voice, ... read more

  • Rajkumar Hirani

    Writer, Director and Producer of Bollywood movies. On his second visit - Wonderful people make KARE. Always smiling, always helping out. One big Happy family. You meet people, make friends here. Wonderful ... read more

  • Muneera Chudasama

    KARE has been a lifetime experience! - The heavenly ambience, authentic Yoga taught by the irreplaceable Mr.Shah, the team of dedicated and efficient ... read more

  • Michele Jobling, London

    I arrived full of trepidation and hope for a month in an unknown country, miles away from civilisation and about to begin a gruelling detox and age reversal process. ... read more

  • Judith St. George

    KARE is the perfect place to relax- a most beautiful setting with spectacular views of Mulshi Lake. The staff are wonderful, friendly and helpful. I learnt a tremendous amount about Iyengar Yoga ... read more

  • David Smith

    I came to KARE retreat because I was extremely stressed-my back, knees and other joints were stiff and painful, I was suffering from headaches. ... read more

  • Dr. Robert Svaboda

    The first westerner to formally study ayurveda at Pune... read more

  • Shankaracharya

    (No.145 Of Goverdhan peeth, Puri,Orrisa) I had heard a lot about KARE before I came and experienced myself the treatment for my Arthritis of the knees. ... read more

  • Karen Anand

    Fantastic treatments, especially the massages. Good explanation and consultation by Doctors.... read more

  • Dr. Mohan Agashe

    Most beautiful day of my life. ... read more

  • Rani Jethmalani

    I've found a place where god lives!!!... read more

  • Moon moon Sen

    (A regular visitor at KARE) What can I say, except that it's so difficult to leave. ... read more

  • Bina Ramani

    This is a private little heaven. ... read more

  • Rashmi Uday Singh

    Experienced doctors and masseurs from Kerala are the highlight of KARE, ... ... read more